May 29, 2024
Gemini vs GPT-4, Community Investigation

Gemini vs GPT-4: Community Investigation

Google’s recent launch of its high-performance AI model, Gemini, claiming superiority over OpenAI’s GPT-4, faced skepticism and challenges on social media. Introduced on December 6 as an advanced AI model, Gemini is multimodal, designed to comprehend and merge various types of information.

It offers three versions—Ultra, Pro, and Nano—catering to diverse use cases, showcasing proficiency in advanced math and specialized coding, an area where it supposedly outperforms GPT-4.

Critics, however, scrutinized Gemini’s claimed superiority, questioning benchmark methods and Google’s marketing strategies. A machine learning developer on the X platform expressed doubt about Google’s portrayal, suggesting potential hype or selective examples. Despite acknowledging Gemini’s competitiveness, he criticized Google’s “misleading” product promotion in a promotional video.

Social media users, feeling deceived, contested Google’s portrayal, canceling claims that Gemini would end GPT-4’s era. Concerns were raised about benchmarks using an outdated GPT-4 version and non-identical prompts, impacting outcomes. Users dismissed Google’s benchmarks, sharing personal experiences with Gemini, revealing underwhelming interactions compared to GPT-4.

Anne Moss, a web publishing services professional and AI user expressed disappointment with Gemini through Google’s Bard tool, citing refusal to answer political questions and misinformation about personal data. Another user in app development showcased Gemini/Bard’s subpar response to generating code from a photo compared to GPT-4.

Google plans a broader rollout of Gemini in early 2024, integrating it with Google’s suite of apps and services. Despite Google’s claims, skepticism persists, and users rely on personal experiences to assess Gemini’s performance against GPT-4.

Image by macrovector on Freepik

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