April 19, 2024
Galaxy anticipates Ethereum to confront 'unprecedented challenges' in 2024.
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Galaxy anticipates Ethereum to confront ‘unprecedented challenges’ in 2024.

In 2024, Galaxy Digital, the crypto bank led by Mike Novogratz, emphasizes the pivotal nature of the upcoming year for Ethereum, foreseeing unprecedented challenges brought forth by alternative layer-1 blockchains like Solana. According to their “Watch This Space” report, Ethereum finds itself in uncharted territory, navigating increased competition and differentiation among layer-1 networks.

While the report underscores Ethereum’s dedication to supporting layer-2 networks and adopting technologies like restaking, it also recognizes the emergence of alternatives such as Celestia, offering unparalleled flexibility to meet diverse user needs in areas like privacy, cost, security, and compliance.

Galaxy Digital analysts point out that Ethereum’s modular architecture, particularly various rollup types, introduces new challenges and technological risks due to their early developmental stage. Solana stands out as the most distinctive general-purpose blockchain, embracing a monolithic architecture, positioning itself as the primary competitor to Ethereum.

The report delves into Ethereum’s reliance on validators to secure its network, highlighting the constraints on the number of validators that can join or leave the network within each epoch. With the network’s growth, the limit for validator entries and exits has increased. Looking ahead, Galaxy Digital suggests that Ethereum developers may need to consider significant changes to staking dynamics and monetary policy in 2024 if there’s a surge in usage leading to increased transactions and staking demand.

Image by Peter Patel from Pixabay

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