March 27, 2024
G2A Launches Gaming-Focused NFT Marketplace

G2A Launches Gaming-Focused NFT Marketplace

G2A, a digital game vendor, has launched a marketplace for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) linked to Web3 games. The new marketplace, which launched on November 15, is aimed at giving exposure to Web3 and NFT games that the G2A team has curated.

With this, gamers will have the chance to see what blockchain gaming offers and be shown NFTs from games partnered with G2A. G2A has been following the development of the blockchain gaming sector since the advent of the NFT gaming project Cryptokitties.

The company has found that gamers are already engaging with the sector despite some believing gamers hate crypto. As a result, G2A launched G2A Geekverse to provide an online space for fans of Web3 games. Within this space, gamers will “find information about the best Web3 games” and “have the opportunity to buy and sell digital assets associated with these games.”

Traditional gaming distributors have been warming up to Web3 gaming since 2023. In July, the Google Play Store started to accept NFT games with certain restrictions. The app distributor will allow games that offer NFTs for sale or to earn, but it will not allow gambling with NFTs within its platform. Apart from Google Play, video game developer and publisher Epic Games has shown openness regarding Web3 gaming.

On June 22, the Epic Games Store listed Gods Unchained, an NFT collectible trading card game with comparable gameplay to popular titles like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. The game store is also on track to list another blockchain-based game called Illuvium on its game marketplace on November 28.

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