March 27, 2024
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From Cryptocurrency to Reality TV: CoinMarketCap’s ‘Killer Whales’ Showcases Web3 Innovation

CoinMarketCap, the popular cryptocurrency price tracking website, has revealed its foray into the world of reality television with the launch of its new show, “Killer Whales.” The program will follow the same format as “Shark Tank,” with entrepreneurs presenting their innovative ideas for new Web3 products and projects to a panel of expert judges, known as “Killer Whales.”

CoinMarketCap has teamed up with Web3 entertainment company Hello Labs to create the program, which aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and gain exposure in the Web3 space. The judging panel consists of entrepreneurs, influencers, and Web3 company founders. The show will be released on various leading streaming platforms and Hello Labs’ on-demand Hello TV service.

Jonathan Isaac, CoinMarketCap’s chief marketing officer, stated that the “Killer Whales” program presents a thrilling and engaging opportunity to bring the entrepreneurial drive of the Web3 industry to households worldwide. This initiative is expected to attract the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are keen on exploring the limitless possibilities of Web3 technology.

Individuals interested in participating in the show can submit their applications to and CoinMarketCap starting from May 2nd. Selected candidates will undergo multiple interview rounds in Hollywood, California, and filming is scheduled to commence in June.

Hello Labs’ CEO Sander Gortjes expressed his company’s goal of introducing the world of Web3 to the next billion users through entertainment and education on all aspects of cryptocurrency. The emergence of TV shows related to Web3 in recent months demonstrates the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies and the various applications of blockchain technology among mainstream media consumers.

One such show is “Krapopolis,” created by Dan Harmon, co-creator of “Rick and Morty,” which is set to debut on Fox in 2023. In August, the show released its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection, allowing holders to vote on show elements, access exclusive content, and earn rewards.

Several NFT collections are expanding their intellectual property across various media platforms. NounsDAO, a community in the Web3 ecosystem, has approved the creation of a full-length feature movie and a TV series. Similarly, the Doodles collection recently acquired Golden Wolf, an Emmy-nominated animation studio, and is looking to expand its brand through engaging storytelling techniques.

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