July 21, 2024
From 'Arthur' to Crypto Scandal: The Caroline Ellison Story Unfolds
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From ‘Arthur’ to Crypto Scandal: The Caroline Ellison Story Unfolds

Former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison has had a tumultuous year, marked by the downfall of her crypto empire, a guilty plea to federal charges of fraud and conspiracy, and a public testimony against her one-time lover and former boss, FTX co-founder and ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. Now, as the first anniversary of FTX and Alameda’s seismic collapse approaches, an old clip from the popular children’s television show “Arthur” has resurfaced, causing a stir among Reddit users.

The clip, believed to be from 2003, features a young elementary school student named Caroline, who bears a resemblance to Ellison when she was around eight years old. In the segment, young Caroline introduces viewers to the Maria L. Baldwin School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where students discuss their favorite scary stories. Reddit users have gleefully unpacked the video, drawing humorous connections between the young girl’s musings on fear and Ellison’s involvement in the FTX saga.

One Reddit user humorously connected the child’s thoughts on scary stories to the SEC investigation into FTX, saying, “‘Hi, my name is Caroline and today we are going to talk about scary stories… Oooooooohoooo… Today’s scary story has to do with the SEC investigation into FTX!'”

In the “Arthur” clip, the young Caroline suggests that if a story is too frightening to sleep after reading, one should “think about something else… [to] think about something really happy.” Reddit users couldn’t resist making sardonic remarks, with one user advising, “When thinking about the billions in fraud, just think about something nice instead, got it.”

The resurfaced clip also prompted users to draw humorous parallels between young Caroline’s curly hair and Bankman-Fried’s signature unkempt hairstyle. One commenter playfully noted, “The ultimate narcissist, falls in love with what is basically his clone,” alluding to Bankman-Fried.

Ellison has yet to publicly comment on the “Arthur” clip or confirm her involvement with the show, likely preoccupied with her legal challenges. A blog connected to the embattled crypto executive, however, discusses matters related to elementary school experiences and frustrations with childhood education, particularly in the context of racial diversity.

The author of the blog expresses concerns about the sacrifices made for the sake of closing the achievement gap, suggesting that high-achieving students are neglected. The blog also touches on the author’s struggles with learning essential math skills during elementary school.

Notably, in the wake of FTX’s collapse, a viral clip featuring Ellison bragging about relying on “elementary school math” in her job circulated online. Subsequently, she confessed to federal prosecutors that she facilitated the theft of billions of dollars from FTX customer accounts to keep Alameda afloat.

The blog associated with Ellison also delved into matters of race and diversity, but it ventured into discredited fields like race science and eugenics, previously favoured by the Nazis and more recently endorsed by some members of the alt-right.

The rediscovery of the “Arthur” clip has added another layer of scrutiny to Ellison’s already turbulent narrative, drawing attention to her past and sparking further discussions among online communities.

Image: Wallpapers.com

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