July 24, 2024
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Fox and Time Partner on Verify Protocol to Secure Journalism

Fox Corporation and Time have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership to leverage Fox’s Verify protocol, integrating blockchain technology to enhance content licensing and verification in journalism.

Commitment to Authenticity

The collaboration aims to strengthen the integrity of journalism and combat misinformation prevalent in today’s media landscape. Time’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Howard, affirmed their dedication, stating, “Time is proud to join Fox’s Verify as an authenticated source of fact-based journalism.”

Blockchain Integration for Verify Protocol

Time becomes the inaugural external publishing partner for Fox’s Verify protocol, utilizing blockchain to establish immutable records of content origins. Fox’s Chief Technology Officer, Melody Hildebrandt, expressed enthusiasm, noting, “In Time, we have found a partner committed to safeguarding authenticity.”

Advancements in Verification Technology

Verify, initially launched on Polygon’s PoS network, employs cryptographic techniques to verify the history and authenticity of digital content. This protocol supports over 300,000 content pieces across Fox’s platforms. Polygon Labs CEO, Marc Boiron, emphasized blockchain’s transformative impact, citing the partnership with Time as pivotal for media integrity.

Transition to ZK Blockchain

Fox plans to migrate Verify to a ZK blockchain using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) and Gelato’s smart contract automation. Boiron highlighted the significance, stating, “Transitioning to ZK technology will enhance security and scalability for Verify.”

The move aims to democratize content verification, empowering developers to create transparent and verifiable projects in media and beyond.

Image by iuriimotov on Freepik

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