May 29, 2024
Europe Council Adopts Guidelines for Ethical AI in Journalism

Europe Council Adopts Guidelines for Ethical AI in Journalism

On December 29, the Council of Europe announced the adoption of guidelines for the “responsible implementation” of artificial intelligence (AI) in journalism practices. The Council’s Intergovernmental Steering Committee on Media and the Information Society (CDMSI) formally put into effect the guidelines, initially released on November 30.

Described as an “important contribution,” the guidelines aim to promote a rule of law-based and human rights-compliant public communication sector.

“They provide practical guidance to the relevant actors, in particular news media organizations, but also states, technology providers, and digital platforms that disseminate news, detailing how AI systems should be used to support the production of journalism.”

Encompassing various stages of journalistic production, the guidelines address the decision to use AI, the acquisition of AI tools by media organizations, and their integration into newsrooms. A key focus is on the impact of AI on audiences and society, proposing specific responsibilities for technology providers, platforms, and member states.

The Council of Europe, headquartered in Strasbourg, France, represents 46 European countries and is dedicated to promoting democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. As AI gains prominence in public use, the response within journalism has been diverse. Channel 1 AI announced plans to launch an entirely AI-operated newsroom in 2024, presenting personalized news to viewers.

German media giant Axel Springer revealed a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its journalism in mid-December. Conversely, traditional newsrooms have grappled with copyright challenges, alleging illegal training of AI models on their content. Notably, The New York Times filed a lawsuit on December 27 against OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing them of misuse of its content in model training.

This development underscores the evolving landscape where AI intersects with journalism, prompting regulatory initiatives to ensure responsible and ethical AI practices within the media sector.

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