May 24, 2024
EU Proposes AI Factories for Startups

EU Proposes AI Factories for Startups

The European Commission has proposed a comprehensive set of measures, including the establishment of an AI factory, an AI Office, and other initiatives, to support startups and SMEs in Europe in creating trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) aligning with EU values and regulations. The EU aims to simplify access to dedicated AI supercomputers for startups, facilitating the development of general-purpose AI models.

This initiative is intended to expedite the integration of AI technology. Following the agreement on the EU AI Act in December 2023, which is the world’s first comprehensive law addressing powerful AI models, the Commission is focused on fostering the development, deployment, and adoption of reliable AI in the EU.

In September 2023, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announced plans for an initiative to make Europe’s supercomputers available to innovative AI startups for training trustworthy AI models. The Commission also initiated the Large AI Grand Challenge in November 2023, providing financial support and supercomputing access to AI startups.

The proposed AI Factories, or one-stop shops, are set to assist AI startups and researchers in algorithm creation, large-scale AI model testing and validation, and access to dedicated AI supercomputers. Additionally, the Commission plans to establish an AI Office within the organization to oversee the development and coordination of AI policy at the European level and supervise the implementation and enforcement of the upcoming AI Act.

The EU AI Start-Up and Innovation Communication initiative is expected to generate an additional total investment of around €4 billion until 2027, combining public and private funds. Collaborating with member states, the Commission has established two European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums (EDICs).

The Alliance for Language Technologies (ALT) addresses the scarcity of European language data for training AI, supporting the development of large language models while preserving linguistic diversity. The second EDIC, ‘CitiVERSE,’ will utilize advanced AI tools to enhance Local Digital Twins for Smart Communities, aiding cities in simulating and optimizing processes like traffic and waste management.

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