June 4, 2024
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ENS Unveils Ambitious ENSv2 Proposal for Layer-2 Migration

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has announced a significant update, ENSv2, aimed at migrating from the Ethereum mainnet to a layer-2 network. On May 28, ENS Labs officially proposed this update which seeks to lower gas fees and enhance transaction speeds, addressing longstanding scalability issues.

Enhanced Functionality with ENSv2

Among the key highlights of ENSv2 is the introduction of a hierarchical registry system for managing .eth domain names. Nick Johnson, founder and lead developer of ENS Labs, emphasized that this system will empower name holders with greater control over their domains. This will allow them to manage subdomains and configure resolvers efficiently.

Furthermore, ENSv2 offers name holders the flexibility to customize governance settings. These include expiration terms and transfer rules, according to their preferences.

Layer-2 Migration: A Game-Changer

One of the pivotal aspects of the ENSv2 proposal is the migration from the Ethereum mainnet to a layer-2 network. This strategic shift aims to tackle the challenges of scalability and high gas fees while significantly boosting transaction speeds.

Moreover, Eskender Abebe, Head of Product and Strategy at ENS Labs, underscored the substantial cost savings and scalability benefits that layer-2 networks offer. Thus, making them an attractive proposition for both users and developers.

Driving Towards an Optimized User Experience

Furthemore, ENS is cognizant of the evolving landscape of Web3 technologies and is committed to delivering an optimal user experience. Abebe emphasized that the proposal aligns with the broader advancements in the Web3 space. Thus, ensuring that ENS remains at the forefront of innovation.

Challenges and Future Outlook

The ENS team highlighted network congestion as a primary challenge on the Ethereum mainnet, impacting user transactions. They emphasized the importance of ensuring .eth names are easily accessible to global users, a goal that may be unattainable without transitioning to a layer-2 network.

While ENS ventures into the next phase of its evolution with the ENSv2 proposal, the community eagerly anticipates the realization of improved scalability, reduced gas fees, and enhanced transaction speeds, ushering in a new era of efficiency and accessibility in decentralized naming services.

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