July 21, 2024
ENS Developer Threatens Lawsuit as Unstoppable Domains Faces Allegations Over Patent Dispute
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ENS Developer Threatens Lawsuit as Unstoppable Domains Faces Allegations Over Patent Dispute

In an open letter shared on X (formerly Twitter), Ethereum Name Service (ENS) developer Nick Johnson has publicly called on Unstoppable Domains to relinquish a recently awarded patent or face the prospect of a lawsuit. The patent in question, US11558344, granted to Unstoppable Domains in January, is said to be entirely based on ENS Labs’ innovations.

According to Johnson, the patent lacks originality and is essentially built upon ENS-developed technologies. Despite attempts to engage Unstoppable Domains on the matter in recent months, Johnson claims that communication has been unproductive. He notes that Unstoppable Domains issued a press release pledging the patent to the Web3 Domain Alliance, but Johnson emphasizes that such statements are not legally binding.

In his open letter on November 17, Johnson requests that Unstoppable Domains reinforce its commitment through a legally binding and irrevocable patent pledge. He warns that ENS Labs is prepared to challenge the patent, asserting that it is derivative of their inventions.

Matthew Gould, one of the alleged inventors from Unstoppable Domains, responded in the thread, inviting Johnson to join the Web3 Domain Alliance. Gould argues for the coexistence of multiple naming systems, not limited to ENS, and emphasizes collaboration beyond UD and ENS.

The crypto community has taken notice of the dispute, with Bob Summerwill, the executive director of the Ethereum Classic Cooperative, highlighting concerns about the requirement for organizations to join the Web3 Domain Alliance for rights over the technology. Summerwill argues that this approach challenges the open-source ethos and points out potential implications for patent-related issues within the alliance.

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