March 27, 2024

Elon Musk Makes xAI’s Grok Open Source Amidst Legal Battle with OpenAI

Elon Musk announced on March 11 that his company xAI would be making its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) model, Grok, open source. This decision comes amidst an escalating legal battle with rival AI developer OpenAI, as Musk alleges a breach of the founding principles of the nonprofit agreement that established OpenAI.

In a brief post on X on March 11, 2024, Musk said that Grok will be open source, leaving the details of the plan undisclosed. The response from users was overwhelmingly positive, with one user urging OpenAI to follow suit. Musk responded, asserting, “OpenAI is a lie.”

The lawsuit against OpenAI, filed by Musk on February 29, contends that the organization’s partnership with Microsoft contradicts its commitment to advancing open-source artificial general intelligence (AGI) for the benefit of humanity. Musk, a co-founder of OpenAI, argues that Microsoft’s substantial investment of nearly $3 billion by the end of 2023 is compromising the organization’s original principles.

Musk’s legal action calls for OpenAI to return to its initial commitment to open-source principles and seeks an injunction to halt the for-profit exploitation of AGI technology. However, OpenAI executives later revealed emails seemingly indicating Musk’s agreement with the company’s shift to a for-profit entity, complicating the legal proceedings.

As Musk pushes for open-source AGI, his decision to make Grok open source aligns with his stated goals. Grok, xAI’s AI chatbot, distinguishes itself from OpenAI’s ChatGPT by accessing real-time information via the X social media platform and addressing more controversial questions. Users interested in Grok must possess a verified X account, and while some comparisons suggest it surpasses ChatGPT-3.5, it reportedly falls short of OpenAI’s more advanced ChatGPT-4 model.

Elon Musk’s move to open source Grok reflects a strategic shift in the competitive landscape of AI development and places a spotlight on the broader ethical considerations surrounding the industry’s trajectory.

Image from ERP Today

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