March 27, 2024
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EIA Asked to Halt Bitcoin Miner Survey Amid Energy Scrutiny Lawsuit

In a significant legal development, Judge Alan Albright has ruled to halt the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) survey on crypto miners’ energy consumption. The decision prevents the EIA from enforcing the Texas Blockchain Council and its members to submit survey responses or from collecting and sharing any data for a duration of four weeks.

EIA Administrator Joseph DeCarolis had previously announced a voluntary pause on the survey until March 22, with assurances of no penalties for non-respondents before March 25. However, Judge Albright expressed concerns that a mere declaration does not address the enforcement threat beyond the specified date or the survey’s compliance costs.

The temporary halt follows a lawsuit by Riot Platforms and the Texas Blockchain Council against the Department of Energy’s scrutiny of crypto miners’ energy usage. The EIA had initiated a survey, authorized as an “emergency collection of data request” by the Office of Management and Budget, focusing on the electricity usage by select US crypto mining companies.

Despite DeCarolis’ emphasis on continuing analysis of the energy implications of US cryptocurrency mining activities, the court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, criticizing the EIA’s survey as a “sloppy government process” and “invasive government data collection.” The court suggested a likelihood of success in proving the defendants’ actions arbitrary and capricious.

This legal challenge reflects broader concerns within the cryptocurrency sector over regulatory scrutiny, especially regarding energy consumption. The plaintiffs argue that the EIA and OMB’s actions violate the Paperwork Reduction Act by collecting information without due process. This lawsuit stands as a significant challenge to regulatory pressures from the Biden Administration on the crypto industry, questioning the legitimacy and methodology of the government’s data collection efforts.

Amid the ongoing debate on cryptocurrency’s environmental impact, historical insight has emerged from an email exchange purportedly between Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi. While the authenticity of these emails remains unconfirmed, they reveal early discussions about Bitcoin’s energy consumption. Satoshi anticipated Bitcoin to be more energy-efficient than traditional banking systems, highlighting its potential for economic freedom with reduced ecological impact. This comes at a time when the crypto industry faces increasing scrutiny and legal battles over its environmental footprint.

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