June 14, 2024
Dropbox Adopts New Storage Policy Amid Rising Customer Exploitation Concerns
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Dropbox Adopts New Storage Policy Amid Rising Customer Exploitation Concerns

With more than 18 million paying customers worldwide, Dropbox is a well-known cloud storage service that just announced the end of limitless storage.

The corporation explained the reasoning behind the change, claiming that it was made in response to consumers’ increasing abuse of the service, in which they were using its Advanced subscriptions for things like cryptocurrency that had no commercial use. Dropbox specifically targeted personal storage pooling, storage reselling, and Chia (XCN).

“We’ve observed that customers like these frequently consume thousands of times more storage than our genuine business customers, which risks creating an unreliable experience for all of our customers. Importantly, our policy for Advanced has always been to provide as much storage as needed to run a legitimate business or organization, not to provide unlimited storage for any use case.” Dropbox stated.

Chia is a cryptocurrency created by Bram Cohen, the inventor of BitTorrent, and supported by well-known investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Galaxy Digital. Chia is intended as an eco-friendly substitute for conventional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In order to lessen the energy consumption associated with cryptocurrency mining, it employs a consensus technique dubbed “Proof of Space and Time” that relies on users assigning their computer storage space rather than processing power.

Customers who purchase the Dropbox Advanced plan with three active licenses will now have access to a new storage allocation structure that begins with a 15 terabyte (TB) shared storage space, which the company estimates to be equivalent to approximately 100 million documents, 4 million photos, or 7500 hours of HD video. 5 TB of storage will be made available for each additional active license.

Over 99% of Advanced customers who utilize less than 35 TB of storage per license will continue to receive the same amount of storage as before, in addition to a free 5 TB pooled storage credit for a period of five years.

According to Dropbox, users that use 35 TB or more per license can keep their current storage allowance up to a total of 1,000 TB without paying any further fees.

The switchover to the new storage policy is slated for November 1, and Dropbox promises to provide each client with at least 30 days’ notice before their scheduled migration.

Similar policy adjustments have not only been made by Dropbox in recent months.

The decision to stop offering unlimited storage is similar to the one made by Google when it stopped offering it to customers of its most expensive Workspace plan. At the end of the previous year, Microsoft also covertly prohibited cryptocurrency mining from its internet services.

It’s possible that some unhappy customers of the services provided by the two IT behemoths switched to Dropbox because of its more forgiving storage restrictions. Those looking for extensive storage may need to look into other services that meet their needs since Dropbox has now also reduced its limitless storage option.

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