May 23, 2024

Disney Forms AI Task Force to Explore Cutting-Edge Applications and Cut Costs

Disney has reportedly established a dedicated task force to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and explore its potential applications across its operations, as per a Reuters report. Citing insights from three reliable sources familiar with the matter, one of whom is an unnamed internal advocate, the report highlights the urgency for Disney to grasp AI technology in order to avoid falling behind in the industry.

In line with this initiative, Disney has posted 11 job openings seeking candidates skilled in AI and machine learning technologies. These roles are distributed across various segments of the company, spanning from Walt Disney Studios to theme parks and engineering departments.

A specific job listing within Disney’s television and advertising division outlines ambitions to develop an AI-driven advertising strategy that belongs to the “next generation.”

Insiders cited by Reuters emphasize the potential of AI as a means to curtail exorbitant costs associated with film and television production. Another source envisions AI as a tool to augment customer support within the park business.

This development follows reports of Disney’s metaverse chief, Mike White, parting ways with the company. Disney recently made the decision to shutter its metaverse division, leading to the dismissal of around 50 employees in March as part of a larger downsizing effort.

The entertainment industry is navigating the complex landscape of AI integration with mixed outcomes. Streaming giant Netflix has also exhibited an interest in incorporating AI, as demonstrated by its high-paying job listings for AI-related roles, some of which approach seven-figure salaries.

The growing presence of AI has become a pivotal point of discussion amid an ongoing Hollywood strike involving writers, actors, and individuals affiliated with the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). Initially met with resistance, the proposal to prohibit AI in writing rooms has triggered debates within Hollywood studios. Simultaneously, actors are contesting a proposition that would subject background performers to scanning and compensation for a day’s work, along with granting production companies control over the resulting scans, images, and likenesses.

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