April 19, 2024
Discord Ends AI Chatbot Clyde's Virtual Conversational Features

Discord Ends AI Chatbot Clyde’s Virtual Conversational Features

Discord, the popular online communication platform, is discontinuing its experimental AI chatbot, Clyde, effective December 1st. This decision comes after nearly a year of limited testing and evaluation of Clyde’s capabilities.

Clyde was initially introduced in early 2023 as an experiment to explore the potential of AI-powered chatbots within the Discord community. Utilizing OpenAI’s language model, Clyde was designed to engage in conversations with users, answering questions and providing information.

Despite initial plans to integrate Clyde as a core feature of Discord, the company has opted to discontinue the experiment. The reasons behind this decision remain unclear, but Discord’s statement suggests that Clyde may not have fully aligned with the company’s vision for its platform.

Kellyn Slone, Director of Product Communications at Discord, stated,

“Clyde is one iteration of our continuous work to bring new experiences to our users. We’re always exploring new possibilities, and we look forward to introducing more innovative features in the future.”

While Clyde’s journey comes to an end, Discord remains committed to exploring AI-related initiatives. The company has expressed interest in AI-generated conversation summaries, a feature that could help users catch up on conversations they’ve missed. Additionally, Discord is actively encouraging AI developers to create applications for its platform.

The decision to discontinue Clyde highlights the dynamic nature of Discord’s development process. The company is not afraid to experiment and pivot when necessary, ensuring that it delivers the best possible experience for its users.

Image by xvector on Freepik

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