April 19, 2024
Director Randall Miller Seeks Crypto Funding for 'Bottle Shock' Remake with NFT Integration

Director Randall Miller Seeks Crypto Funding for ‘Bottle Shock’ Remake with NFT Integration

12 films have been directed by Randall Miller. The most well-known of these is probably “Bottle Shock,” a 2008 independent film starring Chris Pine and Alan Rickman that gained cult status in the wine industry for its dramatization of the “Judgment of Paris”—the infamous 1976 event in which California wines crushed their French counterparts in a blind taste test.

The unfinished Gregg Allman biopic Miller helmed, “Midnight Rider,” is without a doubt the most notorious. On the first day of production in 2014, a freight train sped by as Miller and his crew were shooting on an operational railroad bridge in southern Georgia without a permit.

Sarah Jones, a camera assistant who was 27 years old, was killed by the train along with several other crew and cast members. Miller became the first filmmaker to ever serve time for a film-related fatality when he later entered a guilty plea to involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing. He was sentenced to one year in prison for those offences.

Miller is currently serving out his 10-year sentence, which includes a prohibition against him ever directing a movie. However, this prohibition was put to the test in 2019 when Miller helmed a Serbian film about the World Barista Championship and was later censured by a Georgia judge. Miller claimed he misunderstood the conditions of his probation; hence, he was not returned to prison.

However, the director is not prohibited from working on artistic endeavours as long as they don’t put him in control of other people’s safety. That may be part of the reason why he is attempting to make a crypto-funded remake of “Bottle Shock,” with the original audio track set to an animated recreation of the cast and locations that are almost shot for shot, with singalongs to “famous songs from the ’70s and ’80s” now incorporated throughout.

For the record, Miller is not in charge of directing “Bottle Shock: The Animated Film.” Producer Miller is spearheading efforts to get decentralized funding for the production, which is being directed by animator and filmmaker Michael Davis.

“As an independent filmmaker, it’s a startup every single time you make a movie,” Miller explained. “There’s all kinds of roadblocks, and if an artist can make a movie they want to make and fund it with an audience of people who are excited about it, that’s exciting. That could be revolutionary if this can work.”

Miller and Unclaimed Freight, the production firm he co-owns with his wife and creative collaborator Jody Savin, have partnered with Funded, a cryptocurrency fundraising platform that enables users to purchase ownership holdings in projects using NFTs. According to the extent of their investments, Miller intends to give “Bottle Shock” NFT holders a proportionate share of the movie’s earnings.

Other film and television ventures have made an effort to increase their production expenditures using NFTs, but such initiatives have begun to draw criticism from authorities.

The NFT-backed web comedy “Stoner Cats,” which Mila Kunis co-created, was the target of an enforcement action last week from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC’s belief that the project’s producers hinted that “Stoner Cats” NFTs may be viewed as investments with potential for growth if the program was successful—creating those NFTs, in the SEC’s opinion—made them illegally unregistered securities.

Miller claimed that while he found last week’s news to be worrying, it was mostly unimportant to him. The director, however, was pretty clear when he explained how his project saw its connection to “Bottle Shock” NFT holders.

“We’re treating them as if they were investors, whether we can technically call them investors or not, but they are investors,” Miller concluded.

Image: Unsplash

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