March 27, 2024
DeFi Controversy: How Nima Capital Affected Synapse's SYN Token Plunge
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DeFi Drama: Nima Capital’s Role in Synapse’s Sharp SYN Token Decline

On September 5th, the value of Synapse (SYN), the native token of the decentralized finance (DeFi) cross-chain bridge, experienced a sharp decline. This decline was triggered when an unidentified liquidity provider within the platform abruptly offloaded approximately 9 million SYN tokens and removed all stablecoin liquidity from the bridge.

Synapse’s official X account acknowledged this unexpected liquidity withdrawal from an anonymous source. Importantly, they clarified that the security of the Synapse bridge remained intact and unaffected by this incident. Investigations revealed that the elusive liquidity provider responsible for this action was associated with Nima Capital, a long-term capital partner of the Synapse project.

Nima Capital had previously received a grant from the project and had locked in $40 million worth of liquidity in SYN. Notably, data from Etherscan indicated that the entity behind the SYN token dump had received 10 million SYN tokens (equivalent to $3.4 million) from the Synapse: Executor 2 wallet on April 5th and currently held no SYN tokens in the wallet. This unexpected move by the VC firm occurred just eight months before the agreed-upon governance proposal.

This became evident when the Nima Capital website went offline and the project’s online presence, including its X (formerly Twitter) account, vanished. Consequently, many in the crypto community labeled it a VC rug pull.

It’s worth noting that rug pulls are a relatively common form of scam in DeFi ecosystems, where project creators or developers alter the project’s code or abruptly terminate it once the native token reaches a certain price threshold. However, it is unusual for a venture capital firm to be involved in such an action. The SYN token’s value plunged by over 20% due to this sudden token dump, reaching a multi-week low of $0.30 before subsequently rebounding to above $0.35 later in the day.

DeFi bridges, despite facilitating interoperability between different protocols, are often targeted by exploiters. Some of the largest DeFi hacks have occurred on these cross-chain bridge protocols.

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