March 27, 2024
Deadfellaz Cuts NFT Prices and Numbers for 'Bits' Bitcoin Game"

Deadfellaz Cuts NFT Prices and Numbers for ‘Bits’ Bitcoin Game”

In a bid to revitalize interest and accessibility in its innovative ‘Bits’ NFT game, DFZ Labs, the creative force behind the acclaimed Deadfellaz project, has announced groundbreaking strategic adjustments. The move comes in response to lukewarm reception during the game’s debut of 10,000 Bitcoin Ordinal inscriptions on Magic Eden on February 13th.

Recognizing the need for a more appealing and attainable offering for the market, DFZ Labs has taken decisive action to lower prices and quantities of these gamified NFTs, which serve as trading cards within the Bits game. The overarching goal of these changes is to bolster interest and accessibility, catering to gamers, artists, and Bitcoin Ordinals enthusiasts alike.

Committed to fostering a vibrant ecosystem that resonates with its community, DFZ Labs aims to create a gaming experience that encourages active participation and interaction between developers and asset owners. Despite initial lukewarm reception, the company remains dedicated to delivering a compelling and engaging platform.

In response to market feedback and to ignite greater engagement, DFZ Labs has substantially reduced the minting price of Bits NFTs from its original $300 price tag (0.006 BTC) to approximately $100 (0.002 BTC). Furthermore, the total inscription count has been recalibrated from 10,000 to a more exclusive 3,000, with this new minting opportunity spanning 15 hours openly.

Those who initially invested in Bits NFTs at the higher price point now have the option to claim partial refunds or receive additional digital assets based on their preferences. However, it’s important to note that the 500 Deadfellaz collectors who were graciously gifted one of these NFTs during the project’s launch will not receive any additional benefits.

DFZ Labs’ proactive approach to adaptability and community involvement underscores its commitment to enhancing the Deadfellaz-run ‘Bits’ NFT game. By implementing rapid changes and prioritizing engagement, the company aims to attract a broader and more engaged audience within the gaming, art, and blockchain communities.

As the project continues to evolve, DFZ Labs remains steadfast in its mission to deliver an immersive and inclusive gaming experience that captivates audiences worldwide. Through ongoing collaboration and innovation, the future of ‘Bits’ promises to be dynamic and vibrant, setting new standards in the NFT gaming landscape.


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