April 19, 2024
cyber.Fund Ventures $100M into Blockchain-AI-IoT Integration
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Cyber.Fund’s $100 Million Pledge: Forging the Path to the Cybernetic Economy

Investment firm Cyber.Fund, recognized for its early support of Ethereum, is allocating a substantial sum of $100 million towards ventures that seamlessly integrate blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). This initiative marks a strategic move by Cyber.Fund, known for its backing of other prominent projects like Cosmos, Solana, and Polkadot, aiming to cultivate what they term the “cybernetic economy.” In a recent communication via email, they elucidate this as a sophisticated, interwoven, and automated economic structure wherein blockchain, AI, and IoT converge harmoniously.

Konstantin Lomashuk, co-founder of Cyber.Fund, passionately emphasizes their staunch belief in blockchain’s pivotal role as the cornerstone of a groundbreaking economy—one that champions programmability, and decentralization. He articulated, “The cybernetic economy heralds a fresh epoch of innovation and collaborative advancement, and at cyber.Fund, we stand poised to spearhead this transformative journey.”

The recent surge in mainstream AI tools, exemplified by the success of platforms like ChatGPT, has catalyzed the emergence of AI-based tokens within the cryptocurrency landscape, leading experts to speculate that this intersection with artificial intelligence could propel the forthcoming bullish cycle in the market.

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