April 19, 2024
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Crypto Wealth Surpasses $1.18 Trillion Globally, with Bitcoin Dominating: Henley & Partners Report

According to a report by Henley & Partners, the collective wealth held in cryptocurrencies by private individuals has reached a staggering global value of $1.18 trillion. Bitcoin alone accounts for over half of this sum, with a total value of $602 billion.

Out of the 425 million cryptocurrency users worldwide, the report identifies 88,200 millionaires, 182 centa-millionaires (with assets exceeding $100 million), and 22 billionaires. In the realm of Bitcoin, there are 210 million users, including 40,500 millionaires, 78 centa-millionaires, and six billionaires.

The report also includes an index that assesses different regions’ cryptocurrency adoption using six key criteria: public adoption, infrastructure readiness, innovation and technology, regulatory environment, economic factors, and tax policies. According to this methodology, Singapore leads the rankings with a score of 50.2 out of 60, followed by Switzerland (46.9), the United Arab Emirates (45.7), Hong Kong (45.6), and the United States (44.3).

The report was developed in collaboration with New World Wealth, a global wealth intelligence firm established in 2013. This firm specializes in monitoring the activities and spending patterns of more than 150,000 high-net-worth individuals, particularly centa-millionaires, and their data served as the foundation for the report’s wealth and cryptocurrency analysis.

Photo by Alesia Kozik

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