May 7, 2024
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Crypto Startups Rebound with Q1 2024 VC Surge

After enduring a downturn for three consecutive quarters, crypto and blockchain startups are experiencing a notable resurgence in venture capital investment, according to recent data.

Investment Surge in Q1 2024

Galaxy Research compiled data revealing that investors injected $2.49 billion across 603 deals in the first quarter of 2024. This marks a substantial 29% increase in funding and a notable 68% rise in deal count from the previous quarter. The report emphasizes the need for sustained growth in subsequent quarters to confirm a robust recovery, stating that this quarter’s positive figures may indicate a turnaround from the prior downward trend.

Factors Driving Investment

Several factors contributed to the improved investment landscape. The introduction of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), advancements in restaking, modularity, and Bitcoin layer-2 solutions, alongside macroeconomic influences like interest rates, all played roles in shaping investment dynamics.

Industry Trends and Challenges

The report highlights shifts in investment patterns within the industry. While Bitcoin’s price increases historically correlated with venture capital investments, this relationship has weakened over the past year. Despite Bitcoin’s notable price gains, venture capital activity remained stagnant until the recent surge in early 2024, albeit still below previous levels seen during Bitcoin’s peak prices. The quarter saw 80% of invested capital directed towards early-stage startups, indicating a continued interest in emerging ventures. However, later-stage companies faced challenges as larger venture capital firms reduced their investments or exited the sector altogether.

Global Investment Landscape

Geographically, the United States maintained its dominance in the crypto venture space, leading in both deal count (37.3%) and invested capital (42.9%). Singapore, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Hong Kong also featured prominently in terms of deal count and capital allocation.


The resurgence in venture capital funding for crypto and blockchain startups in Q1 2024 reflects renewed investor confidence driven by factors such as ETF introductions and technological innovations. However, challenges persist due to macroeconomic conditions and regulatory uncertainties, emphasizing the need for sustained growth and stability in the coming quarters to ensure a healthy investment environment for venture capitalists and startups alike.

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