July 21, 2024
Cryptocurrency community unites on X platform, calling on Elon Musk to address deceptive Satoshi Nakamoto
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Crypto Community Unites, Calls on Elon Musk to Address Fake Satoshi Nakamoto Profile on X Platform

Members of the cryptocurrency community have come together in support of a post on the X platform, urging Elon Musk to take action against a profile on the platform that has been asserting itself as the legendary creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

On October 3rd, a user with the X profile name ‘Pledditor’ made a post advocating for the removal of both the account that claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto and the account bearing the handle Bitcoin. The rationale behind this call is that these accounts are allegedly violating the platform’s terms of service by adopting misleading and deceptive identities. The defendant proceeded to identify the specific sections of the terms and conditions that they believed these accounts were violating.

Pledditor expressed this by saying that one cannot misappropriate someone else’s identity without disclosing that they are a parody account. It’s no different than making a fake ‘Tesla’ or ‘Elon Musk’ account. The X platform’s terms and conditions explicitly prohibit the use of misleading or deceptive identities, stating that users may not misappropriate the identity of individuals, groups, or organizations or use a fake identity to deceive others. This policy covers both the impersonation of existing individuals and the use of deceptive identities meant to mislead the public.

Beyond the ongoing debate surrounding the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, a topic that has intrigued the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community for years, there have been claims that the account in question was operated by an X user named Andy Rowe back in 2018. On July 2, 2018, Rowe disclosed that he curated quotes for the Satoshi account. However, the account remained inactive from October 31, 2018, until it suddenly reappeared on October 2 of the current year. It made a new post stating, ‘Bitcoin is a predicate machine’ and elaborated on its plans to explore different aspects of the whitepaper in the coming months.

Members of the cryptocurrency community rallied behind Pledditor’s post, describing the account as embarrassing and insisting that action should be taken promptly. One user mentioned that they had previously attempted to contact administrators regarding these accounts but received no response.

Another user urged the platform to disable these accounts and drew a parallel with what X had done with the account having the handle ‘@internet’. The true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto remains shrouded in mystery, with numerous claims made over the years. One of the most prominent claims has come from Craig Wright, who, on July 21, saw a UK court grant him an appeal in the Bitcoin rights lawsuit, in which he asserted copyright over the Bitcoin white paper and database.

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