June 14, 2024
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Craig Wright Faces Intense Cross-Examination Amid Fresh Allegations

The trial involving Australian computer scientist Craig Wright and the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) took a dramatic turn as Wright faced a fifth day of cross-examination in a U.K. high court. The trial, which centers around Wright’s claim of being Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has been marked by intense exchanges and fresh allegations.

The COPA, supported by major crypto players like Coinbase, Microstrategy, and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, filed a lawsuit against Wright in 2021, accusing him of forging evidence on an “industrial scale” to prove his identity as Satoshi.

During the recent court session, a heated exchange unfolded when COPA counsel Jonathan Hough urged Wright to refrain from making “irrelevant allegations”. Wright had accused COPA members of turning Bitcoin into a “money-go-up-token scam,” leading to the presiding Judge James Mellor intervening and urging Wright to focus on the case’s core issue.

COPA has been diligently attempting to challenge the credibility of Wright’s submitted evidence, referred to as “primary reliance documents.” Wright attributed discrepancies to an attribution error by third-party editors and even sought to link his ex-wife’s testimony, denying any mention of Bitcoin, to her battle with breast cancer.

In a surprising twist, Wright altered his previous testimony regarding an email to Dave Kleimann’s father, where he initially claimed he had typed it. Now, he contends that someone under his employment typed and sent the email to make Kleimann’s father proud. Hough inquired, “The versions just keep changing, don’t they?” to which Wright responded with a firm, “No.”

Despite intense scrutiny, Wright remains steadfast in denying any significant regard for Bitcoin at its inception in 2009, describing it as his invention with limited expectations. His cross-examination is set to continue until at least Wednesday, with the court potentially considering new evidence recently disclosed by Wright’s wife.

As the trial unfolds, the crypto community watches closely, awaiting the court’s judgment on the pivotal question of whether Craig Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto.

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