April 19, 2024
Ethereum developer community in bidding farewell to Ganache and Truffle
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Consensys Announces the End of an Era for Ganache and Truffle in Ethereum Development

Ethereum developers are convening to pay tribute to the teams behind Ganache and Truffle, two toolkits that played crucial roles in the early stages of Ethereum smart contracts.

Consensys announced on September 22 the discontinuation of these two products as part of a broader transition towards MetaMask Snaps and SDK. Georgios Konstantopoulos, Chief Technology Officer and Partner at Paradigm, characterized the announcement as marking the end of an era. He shared that he had authored his very first smart contract using the Truffle Suite. In a similar vein, a pseudonymous developer and prominent crypto commentator known as Foobar mentioned that Truffle was the initial tech stack they employed to develop smart contracts on Ethereum. In response to the announcement, another Ethereum developer remarked by saying that the toolkit helped kickstart his career.

The Truffle Suite was introduced in 2015 and was acquired by Consensys in 2020, with its team and technology included. At the time of the acquisition, Consensys noted that the Truffle Suite was relied upon by 1.3 million developers worldwide.

To facilitate the transition to new technology stacks, Consensys outlined in a separate blog post that it would collaborate with HardHat to assist developers in writing and deploying new software on the Ethereum network.

Consensys stated, “We are investing in new tools and APIs to empower developers to create robust DApps with MetaMask, Infura, and Linea. This is why the Truffle engineering team will join these teams to expedite the enhancement of their developer offerings.”

According to a September 22nd post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the gradual winding down of the Truffle Suite will occur over the next 90 days. Subsequently, the Truffle and Ganache codebases will remain accessible as public archives, as confirmed by Consensys.

In the Ethereum development community, Ganache was a widely used tool for creating, assessing, and deploying smart contracts. It was highly sought-after due to its compatibility with the Truffle Suite, which is a development framework for constructing, testing, and deploying smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.

MetaMask Snaps is Consensys’ term for new decentralized applications created by third-party developers that enhance the MetaMask wallet’s capabilities. MetaMask Snaps will function in a manner similar to Apple’s App Store.

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