July 21, 2024
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Coinbase and History Associates Sue FDIC

Coinbase and History Associates have filed a lawsuit against the FDIC to compel the release of “pause letters,” documents instructing financial institutions to halt crypto-related activities.

FOIA Request by History Associates and Coinbase Denied

History Associates, hired by Coinbase, submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FDIC for the pause letters, which was denied. They now seek legal intervention to force disclosure.

The lawsuit alleges that these letters coerce banks to isolate crypto businesses. This is akin to past initiatives like Operation Choke Point targeting industries like payday lenders.

Suit forcing the FDIC to release the Pause Letters and other related documents. Source: Coinbase

Transparency and Accountability Demanded

Despite FOIA requirements, the FDIC cited exemptions without adequate justification for withholding the requested documents. The lawsuit aims for transparency in regulatory actions affecting the digital asset industry.

History Associates aims to hold regulatory bodies accountable and shed light on the FDIC’s actions, critical amid Coinbase’s separate legal battle with the SEC.

Legal Analyst’s Perspective on Coinbase’s Legal Challenges

Elliott Stein, a litigation analyst, suggests Coinbase faces minimal risk in its dispute with the SEC over allegations of operating an unregistered securities exchange.

The outcome of these legal battles could shape regulatory oversight and transparency in the crypto sector. Thus, impacting financial institutions’ interactions with digital assets in the U.S.

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