April 4, 2024
Coachella Music Festival Unveils Avalanche NFT Quests Game for Attendees

Coachella Music Festival Unveils Avalanche NFT Quests Game for Attendees

Concertgoers at this year’s Coachella Music Festival will have the opportunity to engage in a unique blockchain-based experience called Coachella Quests.

It’s developed by the festival’s Coachella Innovations division in collaboration with Ava Labs, the creators of the Avalanche blockchain.

Earning Perks Through Blockchain Gaming

Attendees at Coachella will be able to earn perks and upgrades by participating in the Coachella Quests game, both at the event and on the Coachella Discord server.

By completing quests, participants accumulate “stamps” and points, which can be traded for exclusive festival benefits and experiences.

These rewards include access to the Oasis VIP lounge, unreleased music, and even a rare NFT that comes with two 2025 festival guest passes.

In exchange for these rewards, Coachella organizers will gain valuable insights into the activities and preferences of game-playing guests during the event.

Sam Schoonover, Coachella Innovation Lead, explained, “[The Quest] is related to the festival experience and different partners, artists, and locations at the festival, and can see where you complete the challenge.”

Enhanced Festival Experience with Coachella Canvas App

To facilitate this immersive experience, Coachella is launching the Coachella Canvas app, which integrates Avalanche technology.

Attendees can create a Canvas Card, acting as a personal passport to document their festival experiences. All quest rules and prize redemption details will be provided alongside the festival program at launch.

Paul Chodirker, Director of Enterprise Business Development at Ava Labs, emphasized that the primary goal of the program is to enhance user engagement rather than data retention.

He stated, “It’s not for data retention or to learn exactly who these individuals are. It is to have attendees who have already bought the ticket, and are already going to enjoy the festival, to have an elevated experience.”

Avalanche’s Capabilities for Large-Scale Events

Ava Labs’ blockchain platform, Avalanche, is equipped to handle the scale and complexity of an event like Coachella. With high data throughput, low latency, and quick transaction confirmation times, Avalanche ensures a seamless user experience even in high-traffic environments.

Chodirker highlighted the user-friendly nature of the Coachella Quests program, with easy login options and automatic stamp accumulation upon quest completion.

He emphasized that while blockchain technology underpins the experience, users’ primary concern is engagement and enjoyment.

Bringing Innovation to Festival-Goers

With an activation hub dedicated to the Coachella Quest program, Ava Labs aims to provide support and assistance to participants throughout the event.

This initiative not only enhances the festival experience but also introduces attendees to innovative blockchain technology in a seamless and accessible manner.

As Coachella embraces blockchain technology to offer unique experiences to its attendees, the partnership with Ava Labs represents a forward-thinking approach to integrating emerging technologies into live events.

Through Coachella Quests, concertgoers can look forward to an immersive and rewarding festival experience like never before.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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