July 21, 2024
ClimateGPT AI Model Dedicated to Combatting Climate Change

ClimateGPT: AI Model Dedicated to Combatting Climate Change

EQTY Lab, a new AI startup, has introduced what it claims to be the “first-ever” AI chatbot focused on delivering accurate and authenticated climate data. In contrast to concerns about the accuracy of AI tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, EQTY Lab asserts that its open-source ClimateGPT service ensures “trust and transparency.” The chatbot relies on a robust model, integrated with Hedera, a public blockchain, to authenticate, secure, and govern information, thereby maintaining the “highest standards of data integrity.”

Developed by Dutch startup Erasmus.AI, the chatbot is reportedly available in 20 languages, emphasizing its commitment to being trained and hosted entirely on renewable energy. However, despite these claims, a practical test of ClimateGPT’s capabilities yielded disappointing results, highlighting its nascent development stage. EQTY Lab’s Head of Research, Ariana Fowler, acknowledged the tool is “still evolving.”

While ClimateGPT may currently lack practical utility, the idea of quick access to reliable climate data remains promising for researchers and decision-makers. The chatbot, even in its early stages, provides sources to support its answers, distinguishing it from mainstream chatbots that typically lack this feature.

Looking ahead, if ClimateGPT scales up successfully, it holds potential applications in addressing a range of issues, from energy efficiency to wildfire detection, joining a cadre of AI solutions working on diverse challenges. Despite current limitations, the vision of an AI-powered tool delivering secure and reliable climate information remains a compelling prospect for the future.

Photo by Google DeepMind

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