March 27, 2024
Click App, Blockchain Authentication For News Journalism
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Click App: Blockchain Authentication For News Journalism

Decentralized infrastructure network provider Nodle has launched Click, a blockchain-based media authentication application to combat fake news and manipulated media. Click uses Nodle’s ContentSign SDK, ensuring data integrity through cryptographic proof on the blockchain.

Aligned with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) and a member of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), Click is designed for photographers, journalists, law enforcement, and content creators, with a focus on news and journalism. The app is available on the Apple App Store, with an Android version in development.

To authenticate media, users capture content using the Click app camera, which is then signed and logged on Nodle’s blockchain. Authenticated content is accessible in the device’s local gallery and a public page, attributing contributions. Click prohibits edits or AI alterations, ensuring the authenticity of images and videos. Nodle aims to be a “source of truth” for field-captured content, potentially partnering with stock image platforms like Getty and AFP.

“This puts the power in the hands of the content consumer when they approach Getty or AFP as they’d be able to see which images and videos are authenticated.”

Nodle plans to incorporate advanced attribution features, such as geofencing, to restrict image capture at authorized events. The platform’s infrastructure is capable of storing large amounts of content, and while a free version will always be available, future premium offerings may alter upload volumes. Click focuses on authentication, not offering detection or royalty management services.

“Currently, Click will store content off-chain and save only a record of it on the Nodle chain. This allows us to store over 20 million records a day to start, and we’ll accommodate higher volumes as we scale.”

The broader journalism industry has yet to fully utilize blockchain technology for transparent and immutable information storage. In 2018, the Associated Press partnered with blockchain startup Civil for content licensing, but the platform closed in 2020 as the team joined Consensys to develop identity solutions on Ethereum. Nodle’s Click aims to address media authenticity issues by leveraging blockchain technology.

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