June 4, 2024
Claude Enables Bot Creation for Task Automation

Claude Enables Bot Creation for Task Automation

Anthropic is rolling out a new feature for its AI chatbot, Claude, enabling users to create personalized solutions such as email assistants or shoe-purchasing bots. Dubbed “tool use” or “function calling,” this feature integrates with any external API of the user’s choice.

Source: Anthropic Claude

Enhancing AI Agent Capabilities

The tool empowers AI agents to analyze data and offer tailored recommendations based on user preferences or handle customer inquiries efficiently. For instance, it can track order status, provide real-time technical support, or generate personalized product suggestions leveraging a user’s purchase history. The implementation only requires access to an API and basic coding knowledge.

Additionally, the tool extends its functionality to image processing, facilitating applications that analyze visual data. Virtual interior design consultants, for example, can leverage this feature to analyze room images and offer customized decor recommendations.

Availability and Pricing

Anthropic’s AI assistant, integrated with the new tool, will be accessible through Anthropic’s Messages API, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Vertex AI. Pricing is determined by the volume of text processed by Claude, measured in “tokens.” Typically, 1,000 tokens equate to approximately 750 words. During the beta phase, users favored the Haiku option, priced at around 25 cents per million input tokens and $1.25 per million output tokens.

According to Dianne Penn, a project lead at Anthropic, the Claude tool has undergone beta testing since April with thousands of customers. Notable applications include Study Fetch, which developed a personalized AI tutor named Spark.E using the tool.

The Rise of AI Assistants

AI assistants, or agents, represent the future trajectory of this technology. At Google I/O, the tech giant unveiled various AI-powered features aimed at simplifying shopping and search tasks. Meanwhile, at OpenAI, efforts are focused on developing a voice assistant akin to Her, capable of real-time responses and environmental observation.

Anthropic’s introduction of this new tool empowers individuals to create customized assistants tailored to their specific needs, independent of Google and OpenAI’s offerings.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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