July 16, 2024
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Citizen Conflict’s Upcoming Beta Release: A Game Changer in the World of Blockchain Gaming

In a rapidly evolving world of online gaming, Citizen Conflict has emerged as a groundbreaking force, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of blockchain gaming. Launched in December 2022, Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play hero shooter game that combines the adrenaline-pumping action of esports with the innovative power of blockchain technology. With its Alpha 3.0 Boxes campaign’s success, the game is taking the online gaming world by storm.

Citizen Conflict: A Game with a Vision

Citizen Conflict is not just another shooter game. It’s a fusion of competitive esports gameplay and an immersive dystopian storyline that pits three antagonistic syndicates and captivating heroes in an unending battle for supremacy. The game’s futuristic design will feature a rich array of vehicles, aircraft, weapons, and unique equipment, ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience.

One of the key differentiators of Citizen Conflict is its innovative game modes. Takeover, for instance, takes the traditional Conquest mode and adapts it for the ultimate esports experience. Special events like Airstrike, Low Gravity mode, and Portals add an extra layer of excitement and dynamism to the gameplay.

Citizen Conflict stands out by integrating Web3 and blockchain technology seamlessly. Utilizing the Binance Smart Chain as its underlying blockchain infrastructure helps the developers ensure fast transactions and low fees. The game distinguishes virtual assets and NFTs to attract both Web2 and Web3 players. Minting virtual assets into NFTs is extremely user-friendly on the platform, bridging the gap between the two worlds.

Citizen Conflict has quickly gained recognition as the blockchain gaming industry’s fastest-growing community, as reported by GameFi.org. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and vision of the team behind this immersive online game.

Meet the Key Stakeholders

The driving force behind Citizen Conflict is a team of visionaries and experts. Rastislav Bakala, the CEO & Founder, brings over a decade of experience in corporate banking and brokerage to the table. His passion for gaming led him to establish QORPO, the blockchain game development studio behind Citizen Conflict.

Pavol Strieborný, the CFO & Co-Founder, leverages his two decades of experience in the banking sector for strategic finance planning. David Achberger, the CMO, blends his background in digital marketing with a deep interest in gaming and fintech technologies. Boris Klukan, the CTO, ensures the highest standards of technical quality and security for the QORPO ecosystem with his expertise in development and cybersecurity. Sebastián Šooš, the CBO, brings entrepreneurial and market analysis skills to the table.

Alpha 3.0 Boxes: The Game-Changer

The Alpha 3.0 Boxes are at the heart of Citizen Conflict’s latest campaign. These loot boxes, stemming from the idea of loot boxes known from popular shooter games, introduce a new level of excitement and anticipation to the gaming experience. Here’s what they offered:

1.      Free Distribution: Players can acquire Alpha 3.0 Boxes through various in-game activities, such as signing up, finishing the first game, etc., making them accessible to everyone.

2.      Valuable Assets: Each Alpha 3.0 Box contains highly valuable assets, including NFT avatars from the complete “Become the Citizen” NFT collection, Double Boost Tickets, Airdrop Warranty tickets, and a special edition Citizen Conflict hero named Tunkas. The “RoboChad” Tunkas, a fully playable revamped hero in NASA-punk style, is available only in Alpha 3.0 Box and will never be minted again.

3.      Limited-Time Opportunity: Alpha 3.0 Boxes are only available during the Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 season, adding an element of exclusivity and urgency to the campaign.

4.      Monetization: Players can monetize the NFT assets they acquire from Alpha 3.0 Boxes on secondary markets, providing a unique opportunity to profit from their gaming experience.

Looking Ahead: A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Citizen Conflict has big plans for the future, including expanding tournament activities and introducing valuable NFT assets. The game’s early access is set to be available by the end of the year, with plans to list it on major game distribution platforms like the Epic Store. Players can expect a continuous stream of Alpha surprises and tournaments to keep them engaged.

As if Citizen Conflict in itself weren’t exciting enough, QORPO is already working on another high-end game called AneeMate. This upcoming game promises an open-world exploration adventure combined with creature-catching action reminiscent of beloved franchises like Pokémon.

With games like Citizen Conflict and AneeMate, QORPO Studio is redefining the gaming landscape by blending competitive gameplay with blockchain technology. It’s a game development studio that’s undoubtedly worth keeping an eye on for both gaming enthusiasts and blockchain aficionados alike. The future of gaming is here, and QORPO is leading the way.

Images: Citizen Conflict

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