May 23, 2024
Chivo Bitcoin Wallet Code Leaked by Hackers in El Salvador
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Chivo Bitcoin Wallet Code Leaked by Hackers in El Salvador

The evolving narrative concerning the state-operated Bitcoin wallet in El Salvador, known as Chivo, remains in focus as hackers disclose further sensitive information tied to the wallet. Recently, the hacker group CiberInteligenciaSV released part of the source code on the black hat hacking crime forum BreachForums on April 23. The hacker group wrote:

“This time I bring you the code that is inside the Bitcoin Chivo Wallet ATMs in El Salvador, remember that it is a government wallet, and as you know, we do not sell, we publish everything for free for you.”

Source: BreachForums

Continued Security Concerns and Data Exposure

The hacker group’s actions come in the wake of previous security breaches related to Chivo. This includes the public exposure of the personal data of 5.1 million Salvadorans, nearly the entire adult population of the country. Local cybersecurity project VenariX issued a warning on April 22 about the impending leak, referencing CiberInteligenciaSV’s Telegram channel, which announced plans to leak the source code.

CiberInteligenciaSV shared Codigo.rar, which includes code and VPN credentials from the Chivo Wallet ATM network.

Challenges and Fallout for Chivo Wallet

Since El Salvador’s groundbreaking adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender in September 2021, the government has promoted Chivo as the official BTC wallet for citizens. Despite this, the platform faced a rocky start, with users encountering multiple bugs and technical glitches. Despite reports of a personal data hack on Chivo emerging in early April, the Salvadoran government has yet to address the issue officially.

Industry reports indicate a lack of any official statement from El Salvador authorities regarding the hack, contributing to confusion surrounding the situation.

The Chivo wallet’s vulnerabilities underscore broader concerns about the security and viability of state-operated cryptocurrency platforms. So, the stakeholders are closely monitoring developments, seeking clarity on the extent of the security breaches and potential implications for El Salvador’s ambitious Bitcoin adoption plans. Therefore, the situation prompts reflection on the challenges of integrating cryptocurrency into national financial systems and the imperative of robust security measures in such endeavors.

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