May 29, 2024
China's AI breakthrough: Robin Li unveils 70+ Large Language Models.

China’s AI Milestone: Robin Li Reveals 70+ Large Language Models

On September 5th, Robin Li, the CEO of the Chinese tech company Baidu, disclosed that more than 70 artificial intelligence (AI) models have been introduced in China, as reported by Reuters. Li noted that over 70 AI language models have been developed with a staggering 1 billion parameters, technically categorized as large language models (LLMs).

Currently, some of the most prominent LLMs in the market include Meta’s Llama, which was unveiled earlier this year with 65 billion parameters, and OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4, whose parameters have not been publicly disclosed but are rumored to exceed 170 trillion.

Parameter count is crucial for LLMs as it directly impacts their ability to capture intricate details in data, ultimately enhancing their performance.

Baidu, a prominent player in AI development and internet services in China, made its latest Ernie chatbot version available to the public on August 30th. Baidu was among the early adopters of releasing chatbots for public use following the enactment of China’s new AI regulations. According to Li, Ernie 3.5 boasts double the processing speed of its predecessor and a 50% efficiency improvement. He also revealed the company’s plans to launch a newer version in the near future.

Earlier in the summer, on August 3rd, Chinese e-commerce and tech giant Alibaba introduced two open-sourced AI models that are positioned as rivals to Meta’s Llama 2.

China recently implemented its AI laws, marking a significant shift. Previously, companies could conduct small-scale tests of their AI products, but the new regulations expand the scope of testing and enable more advanced features.

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