May 25, 2024
ChatGPT's New Efficiency Boost Raises Concerns About Human-Written Content

ChatGPT’s New Efficiency Boost Raises Concerns About Human-Written Content

OpenAI has launched an upgraded version of its GPT-4 Turbo model, the backbone of its conversational AI platform ChatGPT.

The new model promises more natural conversations and is now available to premium users subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, Team, or Enterprise plans.

Enhanced Features and Knowledge Base

The latest iteration of GPT-4 Turbo, known as “gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09,” offers improvements in writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding.

Additionally, it has been trained on publicly accessible data up to December 2023, a significant update from the previous model, which was based on data up to April 2023.

OpenAI stated that the new model provides more direct responses in ChatGPT, using less verbose and more conversational language.

However, this advancement may contribute to the ongoing challenge of distinguishing human-written content from AI-generated material.

Challenges for Human Writers

The update has sparked debates regarding its potential impact on human writers. On April 7, Paul Graham, co-founder of Y Combinator, noted that an email containing the word “delve” appeared to be AI-generated, raising concerns that AI’s writing style could affect employment for writers whose work might be mistaken for AI.

OpenAI recently launched new models in its API, including GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, which incorporates image understanding features. These enhancements further expand the capabilities of OpenAI’s AI models.

OpenAI’s Access Policy Changes

OpenAI has eliminated the requirement for users to create an account to access its widely used generative AI tool, ChatGPT-3.5.

This move aims to make it easier for individuals to experience AI technology. However, users without accounts will not be able to store their history of previous interactions.

The upgraded GPT-4 Turbo model represents a significant step forward in OpenAI’s conversational AI capabilities, offering premium users an enhanced and more engaging experience while raising important questions about the future of human writers in an AI-driven world.


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