March 27, 2024
ChatGPT to Assist Volkswagen Owners in Food Requests

ChatGPT to Assist Volkswagen Owners in Food Requests

Volkswagen, the renowned German automobile manufacturer, is set to incorporate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its vehicles by mid-2024, presenting the technology at the CES 2024 trade show in Las Vegas on January 9. The integration aims to enhance the in-car voice assistant, allowing for interactive conversations with occupants. The vehicles featuring ChatGPT-powered voice assistants are scheduled to launch in North America and Europe during the second quarter of 2024.

The innovative ChatGPT integration enables Volkswagen’s voice assistant to engage in back-and-forth dialogues and respond to a variety of non-conventional commands. For instance, the assistant can adjust the temperature in response to a user saying, “I’m feeling cold.” Additionally, the ChatGPT-powered assistant can provide directions to specific destinations, such as guiding users to the nearest Indian restaurant upon hearing, “I want butter chicken.”

Kai Gruenitz, a board member for technical development at Volkswagen, highlighted the versatility of the ChatGPT service, noting its capability to adjust various car functionalities through voice commands without the need for physical buttons. Moreover, the voice command feature will extend to popular third-party services, enabling users to interact seamlessly with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto without relying on buttons, adding:

“Our customers don’t want to manually adjust their seats … they want to use speech dialogue systems. I think what our customers are really looking for is seamless, intuitive usage of their car.”

While Volkswagen claims to be the first volume manufacturer to introduce an AI voice assistant as a standard feature, competitors like General Motors and Mercedes-Benz have previously explored the integration of ChatGPT.

Volkswagen collaborated with the American software company Cerence to develop this ChatGPT-integrated voice service. The company’s commitment to incorporating advanced AI technology underscores its dedication to enhancing the user experience and keeping pace with industry advancements.

Photo by Andrew Neel

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