May 25, 2024

ChatGPT Enters Beta with ‘Custom Instructions,’ Paving the Way for Personalized AI Interactions

OpenAI announced the beta launch of ‘custom instructions’ for ChatGPT on Thursday, July 20. This much-anticipated feature empowers users to create a preface for their prompts, providing instructions to the AI before responding to queries.

As explained in a blog post by the company, this feature is applicable across prompts and sessions and supports plugins. However, OpenAI is launching it in beta due to the possibility of unexpected outputs during this phase:

“Especially during the beta period, ChatGPT won’t always interpret custom instructions perfectly – at times it might overlook instructions, or apply them when not intended.”

Despite potential challenges, this development signifies a significant advancement in OpenAI’s efforts to develop ChatGPT responsibly, striking a balance between maintaining safety measures and allowing the AI to adapt to diverse contexts and individual needs.

Currently, the Custom Instructions feature is available in beta exclusively to ChatGPT Plus subscribers outside of the United Kingdom and the European Union, with plans to roll out to all users in the upcoming weeks.

For users handling complex prompts, this feature could be a game-changer. In fields like cryptocurrency trading, it has the potential to save considerable time by enabling users to input query parameters once for multiple prompts. For instance, traders could establish market conditions at the start of the trading day and avoid repetitive explanations of their portfolio positions in each prompt.

Moreover, Custom Instructions could serve as a valuable tool for those seeking to limit the chatbot’s responses for legal and localization purposes. For example, a crypto trader or AI developer might need information within the context of GDPR compliance.

Nonetheless, experts caution that increasing the complexity of queries may also raise the likelihood of ChatGPT generating incorrect information.

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels

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