July 22, 2024
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CertiK Partners with Alibaba Cloud to Boost Blockchain Security

Blockchain security firm CertiK has migrated its cloud infrastructure in Asia to Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. This move will see CertiK hosting its suite of 12 blockchain applications on Alibaba Cloud, leveraging its resources to enhance Web3 services.

CertiK’s current range of products. Source: CertiK

By choosing Alibaba’s centralized cloud infrastructure, CertiK aims to provide a secure environment for blockchain developers to create and deploy Web3 applications. Co-founder Ronghui Gu highlighted the company’s commitment to blockchain technology and its transformative potential. CertiK’s migration to Alibaba Cloud underscores its mission to empower developers with robust security tools.

Enhancing Blockchain Development

CertiK’s collaboration with Alibaba Cloud isn’t new. Since May 2023, CertiK has utilized Alibaba’s platform to enhance its blockchain-as-a-service offerings. The partnership allowed CertiK to perform code reviews, risk assessments, and team identity verification on Alibaba’s infrastructure. The recent move is an extension of this successful relationship, aiming to provide even greater security and efficiency for blockchain developers.

Previously, Alibaba Cloud had integrated with Avalanche blockchain, enabling developers to launch new validator nodes using Alibaba’s cloud resources. CertiK’s use of Alibaba Cloud’s additional computing, storage, and distribution capabilities will ensure high performance even during peak usage times.

AI and Blockchain: A Growing Synergy

While blockchain technology continues to advance, Chinese entrepreneurs and investors are also focusing on artificial intelligence (AI). In May, four Chinese startups specializing in generative AI surpassed $1 billion in valuation, competing with global players like OpenAI. Companies such as Zhipu AI, Moonshot AI, MiniMax, and 01.ai are attracting local investment and talent to further AI development.

Moreover, Alibaba’s payment subsidiary, Alipay, recently introduced an AI feature on its app to detect early signs of balding. Using an image recognition system trained on thousands of medical images, the app offers users medical care recommendations based on their scalp photos.

CertiK’s migration to Alibaba Cloud represents a significant step in the convergence of blockchain and AI, highlighting the innovative potential of these technologies in the modern digital landscape.

Image by freepik

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