July 21, 2024
Hollywood's AI deep fake dilemma
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Celebrities Take a Stand Against AI Deep Fakes in Hollywood Spotlight

Throughout 2023, Hollywood has been abuzz with discussions surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), and this topic remains in the spotlight as numerous celebrities have voiced their concerns about the use of their likeness in AI deep fakes. Notable figures such as actor Tom Hanks, YouTube personality Mr. Beast, and American broadcast journalist Gayle King have all recently taken steps to combat the proliferation of deep fakes featuring their likenesses.

Tom Hanks was the first among these individuals to identify an AI-deep fake of himself. He shared a screenshot of the video on his Instagram page on October 1, cautioning his followers and disavowing any involvement with it. The AI-generated version of Hanks had been created to promote what he referred to as a dental plan.

A day later, on October 2, Gayle King posted a similar video on her Instagram account, revealing an AI-deep fake that had utilized a recent video she had made to promote her radio show. This fake also endorsed a product that King neither recognized nor endorsed herself. She expressed her concern, stating that her voice and video had been manipulated to make it appear as though she was endorsing the product, and she urged her community not to be deceived. Gayle King received considerable support and expressions of concern from her followers regarding the unsettling nature of AI-deep fakes.

On October 3, YouTube personality James Donaldson, widely known as Mr. Beast, addressed an AI-generated deep fake of himself on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). In this instance, the deep fake portrayed Mr. Beast promoting a fraudulent scheme related to winning an iPhone 15 Pro. Mr. Beast made an appeal to social media platforms, questioning whether they were prepared to deal with the increasing prevalence of AI-deep fakes, emphasizing the seriousness of the issue.

Although no official legislation concerning AI deep fakes has been established or implemented in the United States, lawmakers are contemplating regulations specifically targeting political deep fakes in anticipation of the 2024 presidential election. Simultaneously, discussions are ongoing within the entertainment industry, with Hollywood studios and actors negotiating the utilization of AI in forthcoming productions. Members of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have incorporated AI as an important issue in their ongoing strike, which began during the summer.

The studio’s proposal suggests that background performers should undergo scanning and receive compensation for only one day’s work while relinquishing complete ownership of the scan, image, and likeness to the companies. In contrast, the Writer’s Guild strike has concluded, with mutually agreed-upon terms governing the use of AI in written material within the entertainment industry.

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