March 27, 2024
New Bills Seek Ethical Standards for AI Companies in California

California Senator Introduces Bills for Ethical AI Regulations

California State Senator Steve Padilla has proposed a pair of bills aimed at establishing a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence (AI) service providers engaged with the state. On January 3, Padilla introduced these bills without releasing their full contents.

The first bill, Senate Bill 892, mandates the Department of Technology to set up standards about safety, privacy, and nondiscrimination for AI services. These standards would be obligatory for all AI companies entering contracts with the state’s institutions starting on August 1, 2025. Meanwhile, the second bill, Senate Bill 893, calls for the establishment of an AI Research Hub by the Government Operations Agency, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, and the Department of Technology. The hub, in collaboration with local universities, is intended to advance research, development, deployment, and application of AI technology for the betterment of the public, as highlighted in the press release.

Padilla emphasized California’s influential role in the tech landscape, advocating for stringent regulations governing a market dominated by a few entities. He stressed the necessity for public investment to ensure that the benefits of AI serve the entire society, preventing a handful of billionaires from dictating the future.

These bills, SB 892 and SB 893, represent recent efforts in California to regulate AI. Assemblymember Ash Kalra had previously introduced a bill in September 2023 aimed at safeguarding actors, artists, and entertainers from AI by mandating informed consent in employment contracts regarding digital reproductions.

Image by freepik

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