May 26, 2024
Brazilian YouTuber's Crypto Saga: Police Investigation and a Mysterious Confession

Brazilian YouTuber’s Crypto Saga: Police Investigation and a Mysterious Confession

Ivan Bianco, a Brazilian YouTuber with a speciality in blockchain gaming who operates the Fraternidade Crypto channel, reportedly had roughly $60,000 worth of cryptocurrencies and a cache of NFTs stolen this week after unintentionally broadcasting the seed words for his crypto wallets during a livestream.

Bianco divulged his seed words in a document he accessed during the stream, giving unidentified people access to his wallets and apparently taking his money. Over 2.2 million people have seen all of Fraternidade Crypto’s videos on YouTube since 2017, and the channel has about 34,000 subscribers.

Bianco appeared to be crying and describing what had transpired to fans on a later webcast. When he discovered he had disclosed his seed words, he claimed he attempted to build a new wallet, but within minutes, the cryptocurrency from two wallets was subsequently seized.

Bianco disclosed the location of the Polygon wallet that was used to steal 86,600 MATIC, which at the time of the robbery was valued at $50,800. The broadcaster claims that more of his stolen money, valued at 3.35 ETH ($5,750), is still trapped in another user’s Arbitrum wallet. Other users are also accused of stealing smaller sums of cryptocurrency.

Bianco acknowledged losing tokens and NFTs totalling almost $60,000, after losing the money, according to Protos, Bianco reported it to the police. He later acknowledged having a conversation with the cops.

“The police don’t understand much about this, so I think this will take time. I’ll have to look for it myself, together with the community,” Bianco commented.

Bianco claimed that a mysterious individual approached him on Discord after the money was stolen. When they were able to speak on the phone, according to Bianco, the man admitted to stealing the YouTuber’s cryptocurrency and expressed regret for his crimes.

“He said, ‘I fucked up here; I know what I did was bad,’ and he just hung up and left,” Bianco reportedly stated after the ordeal.

Following the phone call, the wallet that had been used to steal the majority of the money gave Bianco back the 86,600 MATIC. Bianco confirmed that he received a total of roughly $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency back. Some of Bianco’s supporters allegedly questioned the veracity of what happened, but he denied those allegations.

“I didn’t do anything to recover it. The guy wanted to return it for some reason,” Bianco stated.

The YouTuber seems to know who the thief is but is reluctant to reveal it. “I won’t say his name because the guy returned it, and there’s no reason for me to screw him, even though what he did was wrong,” Bianco stated.

Bianco commented that the other suspects who allegedly stole smaller sums of cryptocurrency from his wallet “are being tracked and will be located.” The streamer intends for the footage of the incident to “serve as a warning to everyone” not to make the same mistake in the future.

Image: Freepik

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