May 29, 2024
Blur's Season 3 Unveils Blast: A New Era in NFT Marketplace Dynamics

Blur’s Season 3 Unveils Blast: A New Era in NFT Marketplace Dynamics

As Blur initiates preparations for Season 3 of its NFT marketplace rewards, a remarkable event unfolded at the close of Season 2 when a trader identified as Hanwe walked away with a staggering $8.4 million worth of airdropped BLUR tokens. This trader’s hanwe.eth wallet was credited with 22.85 million BLUR tokens as recognition for active engagement in NFT bids, listings, and lending activities throughout Season 2.

The substantial airdropped tokens, initially valued at $7.3 million during the claim on Monday after the conclusion of Blur’s Season 2 at 6 pm ET, have experienced an 8% surge in value, with Blur’s token now standing at $0.37, according to CoinGecko.

Hanwe’s notable achievement in securing the largest share of Season 2 rewards adds an intriguing chapter to Blur’s recent success. This NFT marketplace has surged ahead of industry giant OpenSea in terms of trading volume this year, primarily due to its innovative approach that incentivizes active trading within the crypto community.

Blur, in its Season 3 announcement, hinted at a departure from the norm, introducing a new layer-2 network named Blast. This Ethereum layer-2 network, supported by significant investors such as Paradigm and Standard Crypto, will play a pivotal role in powering Blur’s Season 3. The community is eagerly anticipating an airdrop of “REDACTED” when Season 3 concludes in May 2024.

Moreover, Blur is set to implement changes in its reward structure for Season 3. Users who deposit BLUR into the platform will now receive 50% of the season’s rewards, signalling a shift in the distribution mechanism.

Punk9059, the pseudonymous director of research at NFT startup Proof, commended one Blur trader, @ESK_NFT on Twitter, for turning a starting fund of 2-3 ETH (currently $3,950 to $5,925) into an $83,100 airdrop, showcasing the platform’s potential for profit generation.

Throughout Season 2, Blur witnessed heightened activity and strategic moves from traders aiming to maximize their airdrop rewards. Notable figures in the NFT space, like Jeffrey Huang (Machi Big Brother), were involved in selling over 50 Apes in a bid to optimize their Season 2 airdrops.

As Blur transitions to Season 3, the NFT community anticipates further developments and innovations, with the introduction of Blast and changes in reward structures adding an extra layer of excitement and potential profit opportunities for participants.


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