July 21, 2024
Blockchain Security Expert Warns Against Using AI Like ChatGPT for Crypto Projects

Blockchain Security Expert Warns Against Using AI Like ChatGPT for Crypto Projects

An executive from blockchain security company CertiK claims that using artificial intelligence technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT to design smart contracts and construct cryptocurrency projects will increase the number of issues, defects, and attack vectors.

On September 5, Kang Li, the chief security officer of CertiK, revealed at Korean Blockchain Week why ChatGPT cannot detect logical code errors in the same manner as skilled coders can.

Li noted that ChatGPT might produce more flaws than it finds, which could be disastrous for novice or inexperienced programmers wanting to develop their projects.

“ChatGPT will enable a bunch of people that have never had all this training to jump in; they can start right now, and I start to worry about morphological design problems buried in there.”

Kang Li, the chief security officer of CertiK

“You write something, and ChatGPT helps you build it, but because of all these design flaws, it may fail miserably when attackers start coming,” he further added.

Li contends that ChatGPT is better suited to serving as an engineer’s assistant because it can more clearly explain what a line of code implies.

“I think ChatGPT is a great and helpful tool for people doing code analysis and reverse engineering. It’s definitely a good assistant, and it’ll improve our efficiency tremendously.”

Kang Li

He emphasized that it shouldn’t be used as a primary source of code, especially by new programmers trying to create a commercially viable product.

Li admitted that the capabilities of ChatGPT may be significantly enhanced by the quick advancements in AI, but he stated he will stand by his claims for a minimum of the next two to three years.

In the meantime, Richard Ma, the co-founder and CEO of Web3 security company Quantstamp, claimed on September 4 at KBW that AI tools are improving at social engineering attacks, many of which are similar to human attempts.

Ma claimed that an alarming number of increasingly skilled social engineering attempts are being reported by Quantstamp’s clients.

“[With] the recent ones, it looks like people have been using machine learning to write emails and messages. It’s a lot more convincing than the social engineering attempts from a couple of years ago.”

Richard Ma, the co-founder and CEO of Web3 security company Quantstamp

Ma thinks we’re getting close to the point when we won’t be able to tell if hazardous communications are AI- or human-generated, even though the average internet user has been inundated by AI-generated spam emails for years.

“It’s gonna get harder to distinguish between humans messaging you [or] pretty convincing AI messaging you and writing a personal message,” he commented.

Pundits in the cryptocurrency business are already targets, and AI bots are impersonating others. Ma thinks that things will only get worse.

“In crypto, there’s a lot of databases with all the contact information for the key people from each project. So the hackers have access to that, [and] they have an AI that can basically try to message people in different ways.”

Richard Ma

“It’s pretty hard to train your whole company to not respond to those things,” Ma further added.

Improved anti-phishing software is on the market, according to Ma, and it can help businesses protect themselves from possible assaults.

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