June 13, 2024
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Blockchain Gaming: Untapped Potential for Gamers

Limited Mainstream Appeal of Blockchain Games

While blockchain games like Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Star Atlas, Decentraland, and The Sandbox are making waves within the blockchain community, their impact on the mainstream gaming community remains limited.

Untapped Potential in Blockchain Gaming

A recent poll by OnePoll highlights that blockchain gaming is still relatively untapped, presenting significant opportunities for game developers and studios. The survey, conducted among 2,000 adults, revealed that 52% of respondents were not familiar with blockchain gaming, and 32% were aware of it but had never played a blockchain game.

Gamers’ Concerns Over In-Game Purchases

The poll also shed light on gamers’ concerns regarding in-game purchases and downloadable content (DLC). With 63% of respondents believing that refunds should be issued for in-game purchases and DLC lost due to studio closures or game servers shutting down, the sentiment is clear. Additionally, 34% of those surveyed think the decision to take video games offline should be made by the gaming community itself.

Blockchain Solutions for Gamers

Blockchain gaming and persistent online metaverses offer solutions to these concerns by allowing gamers to prevent the loss of in-game assets. By linking these assets with nonfungible tokens (NFTs), gamers can now resell their in-game items, characters, and other digital assets. This is a significant shift from the current gaming industry’s centralized nature, where players are often left at the mercy of studios and publishers.

Blockchain Gaming’s Promise

Despite the current limitations, blockchain gaming holds promise for creating robust player economies and unlocking value through resell markets for in-game items. Games like Axie Infinity demonstrate this potential, with its impressive $1.3 billion in revenues in 2021 and substantial income generation for gamers in the developing world. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, its integration into gaming could revolutionize how gamers interact with and profit from their favorite titles.

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