April 19, 2024
Block Introduces Bitkey Bitcoin Wallet for Global Pre-Order
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Block Unveils Bitkey: Bitcoin Wallet for Global Pre-Order in 95+ Countries

Block, the fintech firm led by Jack Dorsey, has introduced its Bitkey Bitcoin wallet for pre-order in over 95 countries. Bitkey comprises a mobile app, hardware components, and recovery tools, as highlighted by Block on Thursday. The mobile app enables Bitcoin transactions through smartphones, while the hardware element stores assets securely offline.

These two, the app and hardware, constitute two of the three essential keys safeguarding a customer’s Bitcoin. The third key remains stored on Bitkey’s servers, playing a pivotal role in verifying transactions made by customers solely through their phones (in the absence of the hardware device) and aiding in wallet recovery if the phone or device gets lost.

After undergoing beta testing during the summer, Bitkey is now set for a global launch. Block’s announcement in June outlined the wallet’s integration with Cash App and Coinbase, enabling BTC buying and selling within the application.

With the increasing concern surrounding the self-custody of cryptoassets, especially after the collapse of centralized cryptocurrency platforms like FTX, Voyager, and Celsius, the need for users to control their keys has gained prominence. Block has slated the shipment of Bitkey pre-orders for early 2024, as per their statement.

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