July 16, 2024
Bitcoin's at $51,513, Calls for $45K Price Support Retest
Bitcoin price today

Bitcoin’s at $51,513, Calls for $45K Price Support Retest

Thursday, February 22, 2024: The price of Bitcoin stands at $51,513. Amidst expectations of an upcoming pullback linked to its imminent block subsidy halving, popular trader Rekt Capital, in a recent February 20 YouTube video, predicted the potential price movement of BTC, drawing parallels to the bull markets of both 2016 and 2020.

Despite Bitcoin experiencing a narrow trading range for over a week, with $52,000 serving as a resistance zone, market sentiment remains positive. Rekt Capital highlighted key phases common to both previous bull market setups, emphasizing the importance of a macro downtrend break preceding upside movements into the halving.

“In the past, a macro downtrend break always precedes an upside going into the halving. Then we have a pre-halving retrace and then a post-halving reaccumulation period and then parabolic price action toward new all-time highs.”

A chart accompanying the analysis showed BTC/USD breaking its initial downward-sloping trend line but encountering resistance from the zone it had previously formed. The missing element in 2024 so far is the “pre-halving retrace” phase, where the price breaks through and retests as support.

Rekt Capital suggested a potential pre-halving pullback zone of around $45,000, based on data. The question remains whether a retest of this resistance will occur this month in the pre-halving period, a phenomenon not observed across previous cycles.

Rekt Capital previously noted that BTC/USD had fully entered its pre-halving run-up, emphasizing that key price events were unfolding more rapidly in this cycle compared to previous ones.

Amidst the current range-bound movements, some analysts remained optimistic, with Caleb Franzen, founder of research platform Cubic Analytics, highlighting Bitcoin’s consistent trading within a specific range. He noted, “Bitcoin is trading at the same price as it was 7 days ago, fluctuating between $50.6k & $53k for the past 7 days, but the lowest daily close has been $51.6k.”

Responding to concerns, analyst Matthew Hyland acknowledged the significance of the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level from all-time highs just above $48,000. While cautioning that a change in the picture could occur if $49k folds, he suggested that consolidation in an uptrend favors a continuation of the upward trajectory.

The overall sentiment appears mixed, with the market closely watching for developments around Bitcoin’s block subsidy halving and potential price movements in the coming weeks.

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