May 7, 2024
Bitcoin's $60,000 Rally: Exiting the Post-Halving 'Danger Zone'?
Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin’s $60,000 Rally: Exiting the Post-Halving ‘Danger Zone’?

Bitcoin (BTC) has staged an impressive rally, breaching the $60,000 milestone and marking a significant recovery from its recent dip below $57,000. This resurgence could signify the conclusion of the post-halving “danger zone,” a period known for its sharp price fluctuations and market volatility.

Rekt Capital’s Insight: End of the ‘Danger Zone’

Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Rekt Capital suggests that Bitcoin’s climb beyond $60,000 heralds the end of the dreaded “danger zone” – a phase typified by heightened market instability following a halving event. This phase, lasting approximately three weeks, historically witnesses price declines to dip below the reaccumulation range.

Source: Rekt Capital/TradingView

Echoes of Past Bull Runs: Historical Patterns Resurface

Drawing from historical data, Rekt Capital’s analysis draws parallels between current market dynamics and those of the bull cycle following the 2016 halving. Back then, Bitcoin’s value skyrocketed by nearly 3,000%, hinting at a potential strong rebound and optimistic price movements in the present scenario.

Source. TradingView

Supporting Insights: Ali Martinez and Willy Woo’s Observations

Ali Martinez, commenting on X (formerly Twitter), highlights Bitcoin’s MVRV 90-day ratio, indicating that despite its recent surge, the cryptocurrency remains in an opportune buying zone. Additionally, Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo points to the volume-weighted average price (VWAP) as a positive indicator for future price trends.

A Closer Look at Derivatives Data: Mixed Sentiment

While trading volumes suggest a bullish long-term outlook, the derivatives market presents a nuanced sentiment. While long positions in Bitcoin futures have surged by 63.12%, signaling bullish sentiment, a slight decrease in overall open interest suggests some traders are opting to close positions, potentially for profit-taking or risk management.

Options Market: A More Cautious Approach

The options market reflects a more cautious stance, with a significant decline in trading volume indicating a slowdown in speculative trading. However, a concurrent rise in options open interest suggests existing positions are being maintained, possibly indicating a wait-and-see approach among traders.

Navigating Market Risks: Liquidation Figures

Liquidation figures from Coinglass reveal higher liquidations in long positions compared to short positions, underlining potential vulnerabilities despite optimistic trading volumes.


As Bitcoin potentially moves beyond the volatility associated with its latest halving, it appears poised for stability and growth, attracting attention from both established and new market participants. However, the interplay of optimistic projections and market risks sets the stage for an intriguing next phase in Bitcoin’s evolution, underscoring its enduring appeal and speculative potential.

Image by frimufilms on Freepik

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