July 24, 2024
Bitcoin Price is $63,820, Mirrors 2023 Stagnation
Bitcoin price today

Bitcoin Price is $63,820, Mirrors 2023 Stagnation

Friday, June 21, 2024: Bitcoin Price Today is $63,820. In his latest market commentary, popular trader and analyst Rekt Capital drew fresh comparisons between Bitcoin price action this year and in 2023. Despite Bitcoin being firmly rangebound since its latest block subsidy halving in April, Rekt Capital suggests that the lack of BTC price upside should not concern bulls.

Source: Tradingview

Historical Patterns and Current Status Quo

Rekt Capital’s analysis highlights that Bitcoin tends to form “Re-Accumulation Ranges after the Halving,” as noted on X. This observation is backed by historical data showing that as recently as 2023, BTC/USD experienced extended periods of nonvolatile moves.

“But we’ve also seen Bitcoin form a similar-looking range in this cycle already as well (blue circle).”

BTC price comparison. Source: Rekt Capital

An accompanying chart in his commentary directly compared the current status quo to a multi-month consolidation phase that spanned the second and third quarters of 2023. Should such a setup be in place now, Bitcoin could remain in its narrow trading corridor for several more months.

Insights from Past Bull Markets

Additional analyses suggest that this week’s Bitcoin price correction was “long overdue” based on patterns observed in previous bull markets. A chart comparison placed 2024 alongside the early stages of the Bitcoin bull market in mid-2016. As per reports, the so-called “re-accumulation phase” is not only evident in price movements but also in miner activity.

BTC price comparison. Source: Rekt Capital

Since the halving, which cut miners’ per-block subsidy by 50%, a new “capitulation” phase has begun according to the popular Hash Ribbons metric. This metric compares the 30-day average hash rate to its 60-day equivalent, indicating “capitulation” when the former drops below the latter. Historically, these periods have signaled suitable buying opportunities, with the last occurring in Q3 of 2023.

Future Projections and Market Sentiment

Willy Woo, the creator of the on-chain statistics platform Woobull, commented on this phenomenon, stating, “I know it sucks, but BTC is not going to break all-time highs until more pain and boredom plays out.”

This sentiment reflects the current market atmosphere, where extended consolidation phases are not uncommon in the early stages of a bull market. The re-accumulation phase and miner capitulation indicators suggest that Bitcoin’s price may continue to consolidate before breaking new highs, aligning with patterns seen in previous bull market cycles.

“On the bright side, miners are capitulating and when that is through, it nearly always ends in a huge rally. Look for compressions in this ribbon. Buy and hodl in these regions.”

Bitcoin Hash Ribbons. Source: Glassnode

Image by Eglantine Shala from Pixabay

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