April 29, 2024
Bitcoin Miners Thrive Post-Halving with Soaring Transaction Fees
Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin Miners Thrive Post-Halving with Soaring Transaction Fees

Bitcoin miners have found relief from the expected supply shock caused by reduced block rewards as Runes implementation drives transaction fees to new heights.

Positive Outlook from Major Mining Firms

Greg Beard, CEO of Stronghold Digital Mining, stated, “What we lost in rewards, we made up for in transaction fees.”

Marathon’s chief growth officer, Adam Swick, highlighted spiking fees following the halving, saying, “This has certainly helped to lessen the impact of halving.”

1,200 BTC in Fees Added Since Halving

According to Swick, Rune transactions have added over 1,200 BTC worth of transaction fees to miners since the Bitcoin halving took effect.

Mixed Reactions to Runes

Bitcoin maximalists have expressed concerns that the creation of Inscriptions and Runes may divert from the network’s primary purpose.

Source: Cryptokoryo Research

Mining Firms Remain Positive

Both Beard and Swick remain positive, suggesting a speculative element regarding the impact of Runes and blockchain inscriptions.

Potential for Future Growth

Beard anticipates that with the development of additional functionalities on Bitcoin, future trends could incline towards increased transaction fees.

Good for Miners, Good for Bitcoin

Swick believes that innovations like Runes benefit the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole by increasing usage and adoption of the blockchain.

Support for Growth

Jag Kooner, head of derivatives at Bitfinex, noted that miners view innovations like Runes positively as they enhance the blockchain’s functionality and attract more transactions.


 As Bitcoin miners navigate the challenges posed by halving, innovations like Runes offer a glimmer of hope, boosting transaction fees and supporting the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Image by partystock on Freepik

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