May 22, 2024
Bitcoin Miners' Sales Strategy Eases Post-Halving Price Drop: Bitfinex
Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin Miners’ Sales Strategy Eases Post-Halving Price Drop: Bitfinex

Bitfinex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has noted that Bitcoin miners strategically spread out their sales and the emergence of spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States has mitigated any negative impact on Bitcoin’s price following the recent halving event.

According to Bitfinex’s April 22 weekly market report, Bitcoin miners were observed selling their reserves ahead of the halving, while the introduction of U.S. spot ETFs may have diffused potential selling pressure, thus preventing a significant price drop.

Pre-Halving Miners’ Strategy

Bitfinex referenced data from CryptoQuant, indicating that in March, miners sent an average of 374 BTC per day to exchanges, a considerable decrease from February’s average of 1,300 BTC per day. This reduction in selling activity suggests that miners may have been preemptively liquidating their BTC holdings or using them as collateral to upgrade their mining infrastructure.

Impact of Halving on Miner Revenues

With the halving reducing miners’ rewards to 3.125 BTC per block mined, Bitfinex explained that past halving events typically triggered significant selling pressure from miners aiming to maximize their earnings before the reward reduction. However, this time, the market dynamics seem to have adjusted more smoothly, with less pronounced volatility.

Role of Bitcoin ETFs

Bitfinex also highlighted the role of U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs in dampening the halving’s impact on Bitcoin’s price. Institutional demand for these ETFs has been substantial, with flows reaching $192 million in Bitcoin investment product outflows. These large-scale flows can significantly influence market sentiment and pricing, often operating independently of traditional supply-demand dynamics.

Positive Outlook

Despite the challenges posed by the halving, Bitfinex remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s future price trajectory. The combination of ETF demand and constrained supply, coupled with the halving-induced supply shock, could potentially drive further price appreciation for Bitcoin.


While past halving events have typically resulted in short-term volatility and price declines, Bitfinex’s analysis suggests that the current market environment is more resilient. With miners adapting their selling strategies and the emergence of institutional demand through Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin’s post-halving outlook appears promising.

Image by jcomp on Freepik

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