May 22, 2024
Bitcoin Halving: Daily Runes Plummet 99%
Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin Halving: Daily Runes Plummet 99%

The number of new Runes etched on Bitcoin daily has plummeted to a mere 157 on May 13, contributing just $3,835 in transaction fees to Bitcoin miners. This marks a drastic 99% decrease from its peak in late April, underscoring a significant shift in activity on the blockchain.

A Dramatic Decline

Following a highly successful streak shortly after its launch, where an average of 14,700 new Runes were etched daily between April 26-30, including a record-breaking 23,061 on April 26, the numbers have sharply declined. The recent dip comes after a week of consistent drops, with the daily etchings falling below 250 for the last six days.

Source: Dune Analytics

The Rise of Runes

Runes, a novel token standard introduced at the fourth Bitcoin halving block on April 20, initially provided a substantial revenue boost for Bitcoin miners. The protocol enables enthusiasts to inscribe and etch artwork, images, audio, and videos onto the Bitcoin network, offering a new dimension to the ecosystem.

Revenue Impact

While the surge in Runes etchings initially provided relief to miners grappling with the aftermath of the halving, where the block subsidy halved to 3.125 Bitcoin, the recent downturn in activity paints a different picture. The $3,835 generated from the 157 Runes etched on May 13 pales in comparison to the hefty sums received in late April.

Continuing Dominance

Despite the decline in new etchings, Runes transactions remain dominant in May, predominantly occurring on platforms like Magic Eden, OKX, Ordinals Wallet, and UniSat. This trend underscores the enduring relevance of Runes in the crypto space.

Source: X

Runes: A Unique Offering

Launched by Ordinals inventor Casey Rodarmor, Runes sets itself apart by aiming to optimize blockspace efficiency, contrasting with its main competitor, BRC-20s, as highlighted by Binance Research. Unlike BRC-20s, Runes are compatible with Bitcoin’s UTXO model, adding versatility to the token landscape.

The Future Outlook

In a recent interview, Rodarmor emphasized that Runes are not positioned as the “future of finance” but rather as a medium for enthusiasts to engage creatively on the Bitcoin network. This distinction reflects the broader ethos of Runes as a platform geared towards experimentation and enjoyment rather than financial primacy.


The current trajectory of daily Runes etched on Bitcoin reflects the evolving dynamics of token activity within the crypto ecosystem, with Runes carving out its niche amidst changing tides.

Image by freepik

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