March 27, 2024
Bitcoin Blockchain Welcomes Classic SNES Games
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Bitcoin Blockchain Welcomes Classic SNES Games

Developers at Ninjalerts, the Bitcoin Ordinals portfolio tracker, have successfully embedded a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator onto a satoshi, allowing the community to enjoy classic games directly on the Bitcoin network.

Ninjalerts CEO Trevor Owens shared insights on the initiative through a thread on X (formerly Twitter), detailing the six-month process to customize the emulator for compatibility across all marketplaces and explorers. Owens humorously noted, “If the Laser Eyes are gonna host all our JPEGs forever, at least now they can play games!”

The motivation behind embedding the SNES emulator on the blockchain was twofold. Owens highlighted the preservation of classic video games as a crucial factor, citing a study that identified 90% of these games as critically endangered. Bitcoin, according to Owens, provides an optimal environment for safeguarding these “cultural digital artifacts” for future generations.

Beyond cultural preservation, the project aimed to elevate the technical standards for Bitcoin Ordinals initiatives. Owens emphasized their desire to leverage the unique capabilities of Ordinals, creating a challenge that would be difficult to replicate on the Ethereum network.

Accompanying the tweet, Owens shared a detailed GitBook spanning 88 pages, containing images, code snippets, and an in-depth walkthrough of the project, elucidating the steps taken to achieve the results.

Community responses to this innovative development were mixed. Some lauded the embedding of an emulator on Bitcoin as a positive move, praising it for adding fun and versatility to the Ordinals ecosystem. On the other hand, questions were raised about potential copyright concerns. A community member queried whether game copyright holders had granted permission for the games to be inscribed on the Bitcoin network, while another voiced concerns about the potential for legal action arising from this unconventional use of the technology.

Photo by Pixabay

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